Episode 5 - Holly Drake CNM, IBCLC

February 12, 2019

Hey guys! I'm back after my unexpected two week hiatus. Listen up as I chat with a midwife with a passion for helping grieving mothers. Also, I share some awesome fundraising news! 


Episode 4 - Krystal’s Mom

January 22, 2019

Hi friends! Thanks for joining me for another week of this little podcast. I invited my mom to be on this episode just last night, and she jumped right in! She gets emotional on me as we recount experiencing the loss of my Ivory, and we talk about what my grief has looked like from a different perspective. I also share the usual Patreon update (I have my first monthly donor!), as well as some info about Mother's Day card requests and future interviews. 


Episode 3 - Cindy’s Story (early miscarriage)

January 15, 2019

Hey everyone! Can you believe its's the third episode already?! Today, I bring on my sweet friend Cindy to talk (for the first time publicly) about her two early miscarriages. I'm so proud of this girl for being brave and sharing her story, you will certainly hear the emotions in her voice during the interview. I also talk Poshmark, Patreon, and share a great quote from Zoe Clarke-Coates. Oh! And somewhat of a casting call at the end - stay tuned to social media to find out more about that.


Episode 2 - Becca’s Story (stillbirth, TTTS)

January 7, 2019

Hi guys! This week I sit down with my close friend Becca, and we talk about her twins; Gage and Graham, Twin to Twin Transfusion syndrome, and her creation of the Say Their Names project. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time getting the URL's mentioned throughout the episode to work in the notes, so I will share them in my instagram stories! 

Philippians 4:7


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January 1, 2019

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Episode 1- Welcome (my miscarriage story)

January 1, 2019

Welcome to the first episode of the podcast! During this episode, I go over the stats for 2018, including number of cards mailed, and states/countries reached. Information about our NEW Patreon is also provided. Later in the episode, I share a short version of my loss story and what it was like to experience a miscarriage. I end with a small word of encouragement. I promise, next time I won't say "um" and "so" as much...hey, it was my first  episode and I was nervous!